VDI(VMware) – FAQ

[VDI(VMware) – How to use]

Log In & Log Off
1.1 How to connect to VDI at first time?
1.2 What is the username/password/domain of VDI?
1.3 How to log off VDI?

Saving & Printing
2.1 Can I save my individual VDI profile and preferences from one session to the next?
2.2 How and where do I save my work in VDI?
2.3 How do I print from VDI?
2.4 I lost my work when I logged off the VDI. What happened?

Troubleshooting VDI Problems
3.1 I can’t log in VDI. What could be wrong?
3.2 How do I switch my display protocol between RDP and PCoIP?
3.3 I get a black screen with no desktop or icons when I log in VDI. What should I do?
3.4 I get error messages from iPad\iPhone\Android?
3.5 How to remove a shortcut from recent desktops? (Android/iPad/iPhone)

The VDI & Your Local Computer
4.1 Can I access my computer’s local drive when I’m using the VDI?
4.2 Can I change the resolution or screen size of the VDI?
4.3 Can I copy and paste between the VDI virtual desktop and my own computer?
4.4 How do I switch from the VDI virtual desktop back to my real desktop?

General MediaTek VDI Questions
5.1 Can everyone use the VDI?
5.2 What is the difference between the RDP and PCoIP protocols in VDI? Why do I choose one over the other?
5-3Where can I use VDI?

Switch input
6.1 How to switch input in VDI from VMware Horizon view.
6.2 How to switch input in VDI from html access.

Screen resolution
7.1 How to change resolution from VMware Horizon view

RDP user guide
8.1 RDP 4K
8.2 mRemoteNG