Remote Access

Please register MFA 2.0 (MS Authenticator) on mobile and apply VPN/VDI permission before use remote access service.​​​

  • 1. Connect to GlobalProtect automatically. If any issues, please click GP Restart.
  • 2. Log in by MTK email address and MS Authenticator
  • 1. Open browser or VMware software.
  • 2. Choose the site nearby your location.
  • 3. Log in by MTK email address and MS Authenticator.

Connect Site

( Please click the site nearby your location.)

Mobile Apps

Improve productivity with smart devices and mobile apps which change the way you communicate, collaborate, access and share information.​

External Conference

This is a web meeting platform that goes beyond screen sharing, enabling more effective collaboration with employee, partner, and customer from anywhere, on any device.​