I can’t log in VDI. What could be wrong?

  1. Make sure you are connecting with the latest VDI client and connection server name.
    Site Connection server
    HQ oaview.mediatek.com
    China Telecom-MBJ oaviewbjct.mediatek.com
    China Unicom-MBJ oaviewbjcu.mediatek.com
    China Telecom-MSZ oaviewszct.mediatek.com
    China Unicom-MSZ oaviewszcu.mediatek.com
    Singapore oaviewsg.mediatek.com
    Woburn oaviewma.mediatek.com
    Kent oaviewuk.mediatek.com
    San Jose oaviewca.mediatek.com
  2. If you are receiving an error message that says “Unknown user name or bad password”
    • Be sure your user name and password are correct.
    • Be sure you are selecting Correct Domain when you logging in.
    • If this fails, please contact IT Global Service Desk, call #36500 from your local site to reset password.
  3. If you are receiving an error message that says “Connect desktop failed” or “The display protocol for this desktop is currently busy processing a request. Please contact your system administrator, “
  4. If you are receiving an error message that says “You are not authorized to use this”
    • Your Mobile application is expired or not effective yet
    • Please contact the IT Global Service Desk to issue IT request.
  5. If you are receiving an error message that says “The desktop source for this desktop are not responding, Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator.”
    • The VDI pool is reach limit sessions, try closing out of the VDI, then waiting for 5 minutes.
  6. Check that your session has not timed out.
    • The session timeout length is 2hours, so make sure you save your work frequently.
  7. Check that you aren’t trying to access the VDI during a downtime. Advance notice will be provided before planned downtimes for maintenance. You may need to check Bulletin Board System in case of an unplanned downtime. Or, just wait and try again later.

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