PingPlotter Profile

1. PingPlotter Profile

PingPlotterIt is a multi-linear tracking routing procedures,It can reveal the current network bottlenecks and problems arise, quickly determine the current network status.

2. Pingplotter Installation

2.1 Download PingPlotter

2.2 Double-click Application——>click”Run”

2.3 Arrow points section is empty———>next——–>next——->Install——–>Finish

3. Using pingplotter to test the current network status

3.1 Open Pingplotter

(1)Close the following prompt window

(2)Enter the test site in the input field, click the green button or press enter to start tracking.

3.2 Test the local network status

(1)If you travel in China,

Click the icon “+” appears “New Trace”, after entering press Enter.

According to this method input,,

(2)If you travel in Southern Asia, please refer to (1) Input ;;;

(3)If you travel in Europe, refer to (1) Input;;

(4)If you travel in the Americas, please refer to (1) Input;;;

3.3 send the tracking information screenshot to the local network administrator

3.4 End tracking, click the yellow button.