5. VPN-Login via client software

How to apply for VPN/VDI?

Step 1: Login to E-workflow http://workflow.mediatek.inc/portal

Step 2: Click IT Service Request

Step 3: Click “New Form” to create a new application form

Step 4: Fill out the information and click Submit

How to login VPN via client software(Windows)?

1. Default have Big-IP Edge Client in Windows ,if you can’t find Big-IP Edge Client, please click the button bellow to download the software.

2. Double click【Big-IP Edge Client】.

3. Install and complete Big-IP Edge Client setup wizard.

4. Initial Big-IP Edge client.

5. Click connect to access server or click 【Change Server】 to connect to other server.

  • vpn.mediatek.com : global server load-balance, redirect you to closest vpn location
  • vpntw.mediatek.com : Asia Taiwan location
  • vpnbj.mediatek.com : Asia China Beijing location
  • vpnsh.mediatek.com : Asia China Shanghai location
  • vpnsz.mediatek.com : Asia China ShenZhen location
  • vpnkr.mediatek.com : Asia Korea location
  • vpnsg.mediatek.com : Asia Singapore location
  • vpnbl.mediatek.com : Asia India Bangalore location
  • vpnnd.mediatek.com : Asia India Noida location
  • vpnma.mediatek.com : American USA Woburn location
  • vpnca.mediatek.com : American USA San Jones location
  • vpntx.mediatek.com : American USA Austin location
  • vpnuk.mediatek.com : Europe United Kingdom Cambourne location
  • vpnse.mediatek.com : Europe Sweden Linköping location
  • vpnfi.mediatek.com : Europe Finland Oulu location
  • vpneu.mediatek.com : Europe Netherlands Amsterdam location

6. Enter your Windows account/password and click 【Logon】to login VPN.

7. Login server processing.

8. Check server connection statistics.