Getting Started

Service Requirement:

  1. Pushmail and People Finder services are required for corporate 1st manager approval and are for business usage only.
  2. Required for Android iOS 4.0+ with Google Play mobile device.

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Register Your Device

In order to register the device, users are required to install Mobile@Work app, which provides security protection and better user experience for the distribution and delivery of mobile applications.
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MediaTek Apps

Recommendation of MediaTek Apps are able to help users receive emails, make international call, access to corporate networks or host web meeting outside company.
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Self-Service Portal

Lost your phone? This service helps you lock or wipe your devices remotely.
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Service Application

Pushmail and People Finder services are required to apply via IT Request Application. This session will help you know more about how to fill out the form.
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Most Frequently Asked Question

1. If I lost my phone, how can I find my device?